Sacramental Sundaze

quote_entheogen meaning

Oh look, it’s Sunday… what’s with all the fluff around Sunday? Let’s briefly explore the word ‘Sunday’ by touching base with the word and its religious implication of communion!

Since I am unable to physically assist you in inspiring your god within through externalized tools crafted from Nature, allow me to shed light to what sacrament is on this Sabbath Day which in fact has traditionally run from Friday at sunset through Saturday at sunset. Let’s begin by bringing attention to the endless search to make sense of the world around us by mining for meaning through etymology of the word entheogen.

From Wikipedia:

 The neologism entheogen was coined in 1979 by a group of ethnobotanists and scholars of mythology (Carl A. P. Ruck, Jeremy Bigwood, Danny Staples, Richard Evans Schultes, Jonathan Ott and R. Gordon Wasson) [and is] derived from two words of ancient Greek, ἔνθεος (entheos) and γενέσθαι (genesthai).

The adjective entheos translates to English as “full of the god, inspired, possessed”, and is the root of the English word “enthusiasm.”…Genesthai means “to come into being.”

Essentially an entheogen is an ingested sacrament which specifically generates the god within oneself. The fruits of entheogenic use have been universally embellished onto nearly every crevice of the visually perceived world from far ancient times and even to this day. Learning to recognize and navigate the Visual Language of the world around us will help us to understand the more abstract and powerful yet largely unconscious aspects of ourselves which drive us forever onward—those same parts which one may identify as holy, angelic, godly, profound, devilish, demonic, magical, miraculous and so on.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Ready for a dose of your own medicine? Ready or not, here we grow! ⏳⌛️✨

Know thy language – know thyself.

This blog entry is a slightly modified version of a social media post I made for VitaliTree Tattoo in 2016, used and modified with permission. Photo used in quote-meme I designed is courtesy of Adriana Michima.

Feeling Free to Feel Free

quote_thich nhat hanh on letting go (bg by adriana)

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything-anger, anxiety, or possessions-we cannot be free.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

The Nature of Happiness is clear and simple. Paradoxical though it may be to the ever-seeking monkeymind, which is totally devoted to being stubborn, for one to “have it all” one must give it all. . .up, that is. In giving up the hunt we practice the Tao of surrender and lose interest in controlling that which in fact was never ours to control!

The river of Tao flows eternally onward; this way, that way, winding and twisting sometimes with such tremendous sustained force we may wonder with each pass, “Is this how it ends?” Then, there are parts of the journey wherein the river is so still it appears nothing is happening at all and one is going nowhere. Madness abounds! Yet the difference between being truly happy and being miserable in the river of life lies in ones responses to what is as well as what is in fact the unchanging nature of the constant change that is Nature itself.

Learning to recognize and accept the many patterns of control you have will inevitably emancipate yourself from your unique mental, emotional, physical and spiritual obstacles and subsequent slavery to a predetermined set of behaviors. The simple yet profound powers of self-reflection and self-observation will completely transform ones experience of life into the elevated state of being in perpetual wonderment–which in turn puts you in the position of autonomously burning through karmas (also known as your own bullshit)—and making it look easy—when really you’re just woke as fuck.

Waking up to the moment, moment after moment, is all that’s required to sustain happiness. Easier said than done…yet this, too, shall pass. Remember!

This blog entry is a slightly modified version of a social media post I made for VitaliTree Tattoo in 2016, used and modified with permission. Photo used in the quote-meme I designed is courtesy of Adriana Michima.

Beyond Consensus Buzz: A Metaphysical Encounter with Hurricane Harvey

On the night of Friday, August 25th, 2017, I witnessed countless spirits outside my home  as the waves of weather alterations from Hurricane Harvey made their way from the Gulf Coast through Austin, Texas. Spirits who died at sea long ago were somehow carried ashore, far from their place of familiarity thanks to the electromagnetic currents of this massive storm system. This marks the first time I have experienced a storm as hugely encompassing, far-traveling and turbulent as a hurricane in such close proximity even though I am still located quite far from the nuts and bolts of the action at play in the sky above.

The artifacts of maritime awareness such as the feeling of the ocean, the smell of ocean air, the pungent taste of fresh sea salt and visions of maritime objects and people was remarkably strong in the atmosphere on Friday and remains today, two days after my initial encounter with the metaphysics of tropical storms. “Hurricane Harvey” really shuffled inner-dimensional energies around.

For those of you with the ability to naturally observe phenomena beyond the physical, I wonder if the displacement of ‘lost souls’ is a predictable effect of hurricanes? It does make sense to me that this would happen with my limited understanding of weather and temperature compression altering and even collapsing altogether the trajectory of loops in time-space – particularly the loops of the memory of a place and/or the ghostly nodes of consciousness one can refer to as a lost soul. Walking through my backyard in South Austin on Friday night felt exactly like walking through an old graveyard filled with restless spirits from centuries past.

I paint in a barn in the backyard and as I stepped out of the barn-studio bubble and laid a foot down onto the backyard bubble (speaking of reality tunnels!) I was immediately struck with visual, kinesthetic and auditory feedback in endless detail of at least a hundred souls hovering like transparent, light blue jellyfish within a few hundred feet all around as viewed from my mind’s eye. I accidentally (just looking in the direction of another is enough – it was unintentionally intentional in a sense – ‘energy goes where attention flows’) focused on two of them before deciding it was best to stay in my own vehicle.

One of the spirits I focused on, a Caucasian woman, wore a once beautiful button-up Victorian or colonial era dress, light blue in color with lovely white ruffles at the collar. She had long, loosely braided brunette hair and startlingly blue eyes. She didn’t say anything – just had that typical ghostly gaze of a lost soul. Her dress and eyes could have been blue because the color of astral energy/ether is pale icy blue; it’s hard to say since she was quite ghostly/less present compared to the second spirit. I had the distinct feeling I was being rude for staring at her. She even does not like me writing this about her even though I’m only recollecting on our brief encounter.

The other spirit I zoomed in on was a short, mature, almost decrepit sailor with such tremendous vitality that source energy was emanating through him so much that it made me wonder what exactly was keeping him anchored to this earth. The sailor was sort of talking at me – he was in a loop, still trying to rescue any living asset in the ship he was on that sank presumably in the Gulf at least a hundred years ago, warning me of the storm coming as though I appeared to him in his reality tube as a projection of a person aboard the ship he was working – clueless to the possibility that he was a projection in my realm that I was peering in on, then carrying on with my night… Such strange loops people get tangled in… myself not excluded.

As I thought it best to mind my own vehicle, I continued through the backyard to the house alone with Miss Frida Catloaf, our honorary cat whom we do hope will stay as long as her rightful human ‘owner’ can manage. In truth though, we are never alone because we are all alone / all one / alone / all one… I am really enjoying the revisitations on all fronts no matter how startling the clarity and I am grateful to be able to soberly dive as deep as I can and, symbolically speaking, swim through the lower densities of the astral realm with non-attachment.

Since attending my first 10-day Vipassana retreat, my general experience of life in all its wonder has increased with tremendous clarity and vividness of detail to the point I am consistently surprised to also observe I am even more centered than I ever was before the retreat despite the increased quality and quantity of feedback I am able to process from the world around and within.

This classic Sasha & Digweed mix, along with Disc 2, about sums up the omni-dimensional feels caused by the weather of South Texas at the time of this post. 🖤


Enjoy ,
– S.F.

The Merit of Being Original

quote_terence mckenna on being an explorer (bg by adraian)

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
― Terence McKenna

What if “being original” is literally the best thing we can do for each other, for our communities, for our civilization and for our planet? There is a philosophy of original thinking brewing with these words. It takes courage to break beyond consensus reality and belief systems, but more than courage it takes an enthusiasm of spirit. I would even go as far as to argue that anything less than that enthusiasm is fear born of a spirit-deprived mind, whether by choice or by proxy of being immersed in a toxic environment fueled by objectified relationships.

What one shares with you today is what one shares with oneself. There is no difference; as within, so without. So, let’s opt to do our best, period–because anything less might as well be a memory made to be forgotten.

This blog entry is a slightly modified version of a social media post I made for VitaliTree Tattoo in 2016, used and modified with permission. Photo used in quote-meme is courtesy of Adriana Michima.

en route from DFW to SFO

upon returning home from my european trip i promised myself unconditionally i’d hit the airways again before another year’s time. among other things, i also promised myself to:

– get a macbook pro
– travel for a longer period of time in 2013 than the five weeks i backpacked europe solo in 2012
– earn more money per month than what i pulled in prior to the trip, without being employed
– get more things for free out of love & service to others
– do yoga regularly
– practice music
– work through my fierce inner demons that came to attention while out exploring the world

the hardest things to achieve by far were the emotional things. for nearly two seasons after arriving–fall and most of winter–my inner demons festered in self-perpetuation, sucking the little light of inspiration and love out of me. no longer could i experience ignorance around the american work-til-you-retire-or-die culture. no longer did i have the capacity to simply accept the petty legislations which subtly dictate the ways of a human on so-called american soil. my mind was polluted with suffocating realizations stemming from the fact that we are members of global community. borders in country and religious belief are nonsensical mechanisms inherently designed to separate humans from a most essential truth: as members of the human race, we are all human; as members of the cycle of life, no one gets out of here alive.

my mind dwelled relentlessly on the european way of life. i missed the rich authenticity of the individuals who make european culture what it is. i missed  the massive dose of historical insight one receives simply by walking down a european street. i missed the music, the art, the beauty, the way european people effortlessly know they are part of something much bigger than their self. i longed for it all the same way i longed for my first lover before i even met him.

this egocentric spell dominated the quality of my life until the end of winter of this year, some six months later. i didn’t end up doing yoga regularly with consistency until spring of 2013. in fact i wholeheartedly credit the stabilization of my emotions and thus my mind to my discipline of asana practice. as for the musicmaking, i practiced more compared to the previous year but still rarely to my satisfaction.

meanwhile, much to my surprise all of the listed material items of desire arrived almost immediately after returning to the US. in october, the video card on my dell laptop of 4.5 years just happened to die and i just happened to score a brand new 13″ macbook pro with a full warrany off craigslist for a steal of a deal. that same month, good timing prompted me to an events opportunity that helped me nearly double my previous monthly income, at least for the entire winter holiday season. i had more flexibility in my schedule than ever before due to no longer working solely for another company. i learned the way of the freelance professional, or self as business–an artform i am still fine tuning, tweaking, refining and experimenting with.

at this point in my life, i use what i’ve learned to experiment with various degrees of “miracles”. i noticed long ago that when one asks “what if…” a doorway from potentiality to reality appears. i get paid to do what i want… the only cache is it must be for the greatest good of all concerned. an egocentric life is not something i know how to do. without community none of my collectively inspired dreams are even possible. this isn’t modern materialism. this is alchemy in action.

as i write this, i am cracked out on adrenaline and sleep deprivation en route to san francisco, california. oh, california love, haven’t seen you since two decembers ago… this domestic trip will feature 2 weeks of adventures unknown, spontaneous and most definitely interesting in the most hilarious & fun ways possible.

per usual.

what is life? life is what we make it. this is how i live. this is how i breathe. this is how i eat. this is how i shit. this is how i sleep. it is one of the very few things i know for sure. even if it’s not true, it’s true enough to carry me through the turbulence of doubt.

musings from Barcelona, Spain

Written in an iPhone note halfway through my time in Barcelona, Spain, September 2, 2012:

This is what friends, music, art, refreshing experiences, “drugs”, books, traveling, and life is for… this magical thing called spontaneity.

The world certainly knows how to keep us on our toes and feeling ready to give up at the sigh of a beautiful animal or child’s last breath. At least the people and things we connect with from the heart keep us on our toes in a tango of smiles and remembrance that we are never truly alone in the journey. That is, unless we choose to be alone, in which case (as with all cases) “the whole world will conspire to see our deepest wishes fulfilled.”

I believe humanity’s history on the planet has generally been insane, circumstantial and chaotic; that the media and Internet have enabled the exhibition of these truths. The conditions of our world at present are rapidly crumbling and getting worse, meanwhile your passions needn’t rely on the conditions of it.

At the same time, I know very well how even our best friends can make us feel confined, restricted to a predestined set of experiences that, although we enjoy for the time being, we simultaneously wish to grow beyond. There is one very special person whose job it is to listen to and embrace the deepest wishes and fantasies of your heart. That very special person is you. No one else will ever fully understand your heart, your desires and your dreams – they have their own set of all the same to be present with. It isn’t meant as a job of dualistic reference to ease or difficulty; rather, it is an adventure of the soul spanning the journey of lifetimes…

So… Here you are. Rather, there you were. And there I was, too. And probably at some time in the future, there we will be again for a short period of time, caught in the rapids until the currents of our experiences carry us onward once again. The grass isn’t sarcastically always greener. It really fucking is greener outside of our comfort zones.

With deep love and excellent hugs, I close this note with a lyric from a favorite track – “life’s a twisted road that we unwind together…”

live from the Scottish zebra-print toilet seat

The following was written on August 24, 2012 in an iPhone note as I became aware of deep shit (pun intended) in the bathroom stall of a bar in Glasgow, Scotland during an evening of dizzying giggles and stories:

And then, it was time to shit.

Armed with only an iPhone and a Scottish accent to type in, I pecked at my phone in an intensely passionate hurry. Beads of sweat rolled towards gravity from my stressed face which alternated from vertical posture to facing the ground. Squeezing my way through intestinal freedom and groaning loudly in my mind, I feverishly hammered away in great frustration at my iPhone as it autocorrected my drunken typos into something far more bolivia (that’s typo slang for OBLIVIOUS) than I had originally intended.

In the time it took to erase, retype, erase, retype, I was already at aaaahhhhhhhhhh. Sweet, wonderful release.

I relished in that feeling of divine relief a good five minutes before realizing it was time to pour my last drink out—the one I forgot to mention at the start of this note. The one I strategically placed, for future consumption, on the water basin of the toilet I sat on featuring a zebra print seat. The one waiting to send me into a hungover spell of no return followed closely by a morning of “why”.

But! But! It was gifted to me by Laura! No. I can’t friendlily rationalize my way out of this.

Just like that, away the other half of my last drink for the night went along with my feces, spinning away into some watery fortress where water containing matter such as my own is recycled back into the household taps of the masses.

On this night I realized no matter how decently I think I’ve done for myself, there is still yet more I know I have to do and in fact am tardy for.

The future knocks with patience at ones door but waits for no one to seize its gifts.

notes on the plane from the US to England

to know oneself as oneself within oneself is sublime
to be oneself and love oneself and be one’s dreams is even better.

it seems life is privvy to one-upping itself continually. in this regard i am ecstatic to be alive in this timeline! it is perpetually elegant … meanwhile, oh sooooo dramatic. oh tango of duality, whither my mind just abit more so that my soul may shine through the robotic processes of bio-logical intelligence faculties.

consciousness… is energy in motion