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I am what Daniel Quinn calls a “Giver.” I give my synthesis of this mysterious mess we call Life in the forms of painting, photography, and writing to do my part in fulfilling a collective dream to make the world a healthier, collaborative place for all to enjoy participating in today and, hopefully, far beyond today. This website briefly touches on the nature of my heARTwork and offers a digital record of my contributions to the dream-vision I hold sacred, personal and universal.

What are you dreamweaving into being in this endless continuum of light and space?

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Seed Transmission by Sarah Farah
Seed Transmission, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″ ©2015 Sarah Farah

…gallery coming soon…in the mean time visit instagram to see what I’ve been working on!
last updated 7 February 2018

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You can find my photography portfolio on SmugMug, a service for professionals who need on-the-fly portfolios and client proofing with built in print services.

I also post some of my work on instagram.


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About Sarah

Sarah Farah is an artist using paint, photography and the written word to express what lies within us and what awaits our arrival.
She’s also an emissary of rad vibes.

What if Art is a doorway to greater receptivity to life itself? What if different Artists create different Doorways to step through and engage the observer with new ways of being?

Art has the power to illuminate the way inward, transcend the throttle of time and act as a bridge for universal language to penetrate the mind and inspire a degree of revelation in the viewer. Powerful art is at the heart of most cultures. Compelling art awakens something deep inside of us whether universal or personal. Masterful art can revolutionize the collective vision of society.

A scoresheet is to music what art is to the soul. I like to think of myself as a semi-conductor of the mystical and magical. Artfully creating is part of my yogic path of being harmonious with All That Is. The visual feedback, or artifacts, that result from this process are very much like a recording of my conversation with the driving force of the cosmos, or god. I like Julia Cameron’s clever abbreviation of god’ as “good orderly direction.”

Everything I create I offer to you, to life itself, in service to the mission of eradicating suffering by awakening the dormant consciousness within in all ways creative and all ways miraculous. I am part of a ever-evolving, multifaceted global network of visionaries from all walks of life, known yet largely unknown, whose primary mission in this life is to elevate society and humanity’s interaction with life on Earth by being as harmonious as possible through our day-to-day efforts and the creations we labor into manifestation. We are being the change we wish to see in the world and inspiring others to do the same. These are very exciting times to be alive!

I paint what comes through. Sometimes it’s from me, sometimes it’s from you, sometimes it’s from far, far beyond. I’m one of those sensitive types, you know, the silly and saintly. As such, painting helps satisfy my desire to make sense of the eternally changing nature of life as witnessed by the eternally unchanging nature of being.

Formal education includes two years of art classes at Brookaven Community College in Dallas, Texas; one of only eighteen community colleges in the USA whose art classes transfer directly into any art college–bragging rights stuff. In 2017 I studied for two trimesters at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna, Austria. Later that year I moved to Northern California to share creative space with art family and co-create rad vibes.

Capturing light photons is totally fascinating from a technological standpoint. As a fine art photographer, I revel in shooting surrealist multiple exposures both in camera and in post-processing. Landscapes, ethereal portraits and fine art nudes tend to be my forte with single exposure photos where post-processing is kept to a minimum as the Zen in me likes to keep images true to original beauty.  Drop me a line if you would love to collaborate or hire me!

Commercially, I would love to do more architectural photography, festival photography, artistic collaborations and tattoo related photography. I have tons of experience shooting events such as arts and music festivals, tattoo conventions, corporate parties, private parties, holiday parties and, as a second shooter, weddings. Gear includes a Nikon D750 with three prime lenses: the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.8, along with the Sigma 24mm f1.4 ART lens, my precious.

You can see some of my photography at SmugMug. Some images are available for licensing and as fine art prints. I’ll have an online shop soon! In the mean time, you are welcome to use the contact form to send inquiries about licensing, prints, and work.

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